Zenmap vs Nmap Tutorial: Finding Vulnerabilities Made easy with Kali Linux and Metasploitable

Learn how to download and use Zenmap to scan for vulnerabilities in Metasploitable 3 in just 6 minutes! In this video, you will learn how to simplify vulnerability scanning with Zenmap, the graphical interface for Nmap, in this Kali Linux tutorial. Perfect for those new to command-line scanning, this video shows you how to download and install Zenmap and use it to scan systems for vulnerabilities with ease. Download Zenmap here: (https://www.kali.org/tools/zenmap-kbx/). Start scanning like a pro today!
The contents of the video.
0:00 – Introduction.
0:15 – What is Zenmap?
0:58 – How to download Zenmap on Kali Linux?
02:25 – How to search for Zenmap on Kali Linux?
02:48 – What is the difference between Zenmap and Nmap?
05:45 – Zenmap Conclusion
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