The Web Application Firewall Scanner You Need to Know | Kali Linux with wafw00f and Metasploitable

In this video, we’ll explore the power of wafw00f, a web application firewall scanner, as we identify potential vulnerabilities in Metasploitable, a popular testing ground for ethical hackers.

Watch as we navigate the scanning process, uncovering potential entry points for future exploitation. Whether you’re a seasoned security professional or just starting out in the world of ethical hacking, this video is sure to provide valuable insights into the world of web application security.

The contents of the video.
0:00 – Introduction.
0:10 – What is a WAF?
0:51 – Why a Web Application Firewall WAF is important?
01:07 – Scanning WAF with wafw00f
02:13 – How to see if a website/web application has a WAF?
03:27 – Conclusion

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