Did you know this about Linux? // Linux for Hackers Ep 5

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00:00 – Coming up
00:49 – Brilliant sponsored segment
03:01 – Controlling directory permissions // Linux Basics for Hackers Chapter 5
06:16 – Explaining permissions // Kali demo
10:59 – Explaining permissions continued
14:47 – How to change permissions // Two ways to change permissions
22:10 – Special permissions // Sticky Bit
26:09 – Privilege escalation explained & demo
27:51 – The importance of social engineering
32:58 – Group explained
34:48 – Chapter 5 summary
35:40 – OTW books
36:44 – Visit OTW’s website // hackers-arise.net
38:38 – Special discount
38:44 – Conclusion

kali linux
parrot os
linux permissions
linux users
linux groups
linux 777
linux chmod

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