Month: July 2024

Zenmap Nmap GUI Basic Features: Made Easy with Kali Linux and Metasploitable

Get started with Zenmap in Kali Linux! This quick tutorial covers the basics of using Zenmap, the official GUI for…

Check out the Voter Journey Map at!

Meet your new voting companion: The .vote domain is here to help!

Who has time for CSS?

Plot twist: using @Wix to make your website look like basic HTML

Four Super Creative Portfolios

We haven’t stopped thinking about these super cool portfolios. Do you have a bold portfolio? Drop it in the comments…

Selling Art Online

How to sell art online

How to be Invisible Online using Expert OSINT techniques

Big shoutout to KASM for sponsoring this video. KASM workspaces supports the OSINT Community Efforts by providing the following products:…

How did a Teenager use an Amazon Firestick to launch the Hack of Rockstar Games and leak GTA 6?

Big thank you to Hostinger for sponsoring this video! Go here to sign up: To receive an additional 10%…

Do you know what a Python variable is? #shorts #python #linux

#shorts #python #linux